Magnetic levitation toy

magnetic levitation toy

This gadget toy looks as an magic ufo, but it is nice toy which demostrate amazing levitation. A great Intellectual Toy for kids and adult to play and teach about physics as magnetic poles repel each other and the other physics theory which can be demostrate with magnetic levitation kit. It is beneficial for developing the intelligence and knowledge about mechanics and physics. Easy way explain to children how the levitation train as maglev using magnetic levitation technology.

Now spin the top softly on its plastic base and lift it softly. Watch it how the top float in the air! It can fly for 2minutes in the air. Great fun and a fantastic toy for all ages with ufo style design. No need battery or other power supply.

Product Description

  • product weight 700g
  • packing color paper gift box
  • packing size 16x4x14cm (L x W x H)
  • carton qty 20pcs
  • carton size 34x42x16cm
  • carton weight - G.W. 16kg