Acrobots - Futuristic, Flexibile, Magnetic


Acrobots are very flexibile with the magnets in their hands and feet. Their name is from the word acrobat because each Acrobot have great ability to contort into unlimited shapes and second part of the word is robot. Each Acrobot looks like little as an small person as an humanoid robot.

Acrobot is cool toy to have around your home and around the office. Acrobot is very cool to make some pose with your NeoCube and Buckyballs. Also you can stick them on any metallic stuff. Don't forget they love to play together.

Children enjoy playing with him and adults like the fact it can be multifunctional. He can be used as a toy, he can assist in promoting your company's brand and also help around the office. Attractive, flexibile, hardworking, this all is your Acrobot. Endless Posable Magnetic Fun For Your NeoCube. Have a look how many different pose and shapes you can create with the new Acrobots. Different colors and design available.