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China manufacturer of neocube

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6 colours of neocube

The NeoCube is an amazing toy for all ages composed of 216 pcs individual magnets ball. The Neo Cube allows you to compose and modify an incredible number of 2D / two dimensional and 3D / three dimensional objects, shapes, patterns and much more. The NeoCube is excelent for expression, relaxation, gaming, training your brain trought dual hemispherical brain stimulation etc. The Neo Cube will provide you with many hours of great fun!

216 pcs NeoCube magnet toy Neo Cube

billions of option

With the NeoCube you can create infinite number of shapes and patterns. For many such object you will be first person who have created it. Neo Cube offer many different and uniqe solution. Most other games as rubik's cube, puzzles etc. have only one solution. With the NeoCube you can spend one life and you will be not able to finishd all solution. The Neo Cube have great reply value.

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stress relief

NeoCube is possible to use reduce the stress from a work. Relaxation with the Neo Cube give you oportonity forget all stress which you meet each day. You can create many beuatiful objects from simple shaps to more complex 3D objects, just depend on you and your vision.

knowledge benefits

Playing with the NeoCube will improve your knowledge of mathematic and geometry. You will better undertand the learning materials in the school. Magnet toy as Neo Cube will improve many other principals from magnetism and physics too. NeoCube can be helpful to increase score in many test in the school.

customers feeling

Simply amazing. I must have it!
Cool, and definitely interesting, it's worth the price.
I've never seen any product more perfectly designed to...
This looks really cool! I wonder if they might/could develop a product with a more practical use than just a cool toy.